Active holidays in Croatia

When most people think of Croatia, they usually think of historical cities, such as Dubrovnik, Split and Trogir, or the gorgeous landscapes, which served as a setting for „Game of Thrones”. But this country is also an excellent place to do various sports. In this article, we will tell you about some of the most popular ways of spending an active vacation in Croatia.


Although the rivers of Croatia are not especially dangerous, and the places where rafting is organized are classified as gentle and medium demanding, you shouldn’t forget that rafting is still an extreme sport, that can be too dangerous for inexperienced people. The difficulty level of the rivers is determined based on the speed of the river’s current, water turbulence, the strength of the whirlpools and the obstacles on the route.
One of the most frequently visited rivers in Croatia is the Dobra river, located in the north-east part of Gorski kotar. Most of th rafts can be organized at the wild fragment between the Gojak hydroelectric power plant and the village of Lesce.

Mountain climbing

The mountainous area of Croatia is a true paradise for fans of active vacation. There are mountain ranges extending at the entire coast. One of the most popular and most interesting places to do mountain climbing is the Velebit massif. Another excellent place for this sport is the central part of the Croatian coast, or more specifically, the area of the Paklenica National Park.

The best climatic conditions for mountain climbing are in the early spring and in the last month of autumn. You shouldn’t go climbing in the summer, when it’s very hot, or in the winter, due to the gusty and freezing wind.

Kayaking and mountain kayaking

Kayaking is one of the most popular ideas for an active vacation in Croatia. It is often divided into standard kayaking and mountain kayaking. Although mountain kayaking might be a type of sport competition, most people treat is as a unique way of sightseeing.

Before you decide to go on a kayaking trip, you must clearly define the region, where you want to go. Kayaks are chosen individually, based on the size, weight and experience of every participant.

Some of the best places for mountain kayaking in Croatia are the river Kupa, located within the area of the Risnjak National Park, as well as other rivers, such as Dobra, Cetina, Gacka and Zrmanja.

But kayaking can be enjoyed not only in the muontains. You can also go kayaking in the sea and in the lowlands. One of the most excellent kayaking places outside the mountains is the island of Rab.


The Croatian moutains are an excellent place for trekking, because their height is never more than 2000 meters, and they have incredibly diverse and interesting landscapes. Because of their small height, they are mostly easily accessible for fans of hiking.

There are approximately 6000 kilometers of mountain trails, which lead through all the mountains of Croatia. The Welebit mountain range, which is 150 kilometers long, is the best place for hiking in Croatia.

Other good places for trekking include Uckiej, located in the Risnjak National Park, Northern Velebit and Paklenica.


Many people believe that Croatia is the ultimate sailing destination in the Mediterranean Sea, and for good reason. In this country, tourists can find more than 1000 island and islets, scattered over all of the regions. The Croatian coast is so long, that it’s impossible to discover the entire Adriatic in one attempt.

The best time for sailing in Croatia depends on the individual preferences of each tourist. However, it is worth mentioning, that the peak of the sailing season in Croatia is in July and August. If you’re attracted to crowded cities, full marinas and everything associated with summertime, the peak of the season is a perfect time for you.

But if you’re not a fan of crowds, the best time for sailing is between late May and June. That’s when the weather is the most favorable and the winds are the most stable, creating perfect conditions for sailing. At that time, the waters also have just the right temperature for swimming.


From perfectly beaten trails to riding on mountaiun bikes, from asphalt roads to family trips. Croatia has plenty of diverse cycling trails, which can satisfy any the taste of any cycling fan, no matter if they are beginners, or professionals.

Cyclist can enjoy five routes of the Tour of Croatia competition. These routes are Makarska-Split, Sibenik-Zadar, Plitwice National Park-Ucka, Pula-Umag and Sveti Martin-Zagreb.

If you want to go cycling, you must follow several safety rules:

– follow the trafficl regulations

– make sure your bike has all the required equipment and don’t forget to put on a cycling helmet and other facilities, according to weather conditions

– on pedestrian crossing without lanes for bicycles you must get off your bike

– if you’re cycling in the dark, make sure your bike has reflective lights.

Some of the best regions for cycling in Croatia include:

  • Dalmatia-Dubrovnik

This region is full of possibilities of relaxing i the surroundings of nature. While cycling through the area of Dubrovnik, you can admire Lake Bacinska and the Neretva Valley, as well as the vineyards and wine regions of the Peljesac peninsula.

From the seaside, you can admire incredible views of the city of Dubrovnik – a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site with 2-kilometer long medieval walls and fortresses.

Other spectacular places you can admire include the city of Korcula, which is famous for its renaissance beauty and medieval architecture, and the forested Mljet National Park.

  • Central Croatia

In Central Croatiam bicycles are an extremely popular mode of transportation since the second half of the 19th century. Because Central Croatia mostly consists of countryside and farming areas, bicycles were one of the very first modes of transportation between cities and villages to arrive here.


Windsurfing was introduced in Croatia in the late 1970s. Even since then, it became a crucial part of Croatian culture. Croatia is a perfect destination for both beginner and experienced windsurfers.

Many people are worried about taking their own equipment for a windsurfing trip. But they really don’t have to, because the Croatian coast has plenty of places where they can rent windsurfing equimment. Prices can be different depending on the region where you want to go, but they offer reental for 24 hours, a few days, or even a few weeks.

There are several excellent places for windsurfing, including:

  • Bol on the island of Brac – Bol is surrounded by the picturesque Vidova Gora, and in the canal between Brac and Hvar the winds are almost always favorable
  • Znjanj in Split – this location is perfect for beginners, who are only beginning their windsurfing adventure. In the summer, the mistral wind is moderate, but it can be stronger in htw spring and in the autumn.
  • The Neretva delta – this place is recommended for those, who want to avoid the crowds. This location has stable thermal winds, and the sea is quite shallow and warm, which allows windsurfers to enjoy their time without any discomfort.

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