Places near Dubrovnik that you have to explore

1. Lokrum Island

The travel time to this beautiful island will take you approximately 10 minutes. This island is rich in numerous monuments and natural values, which attracts many tourists. Moreover with this place many legends are associated. One of them tells about Richard the Lion-Heart who took the oath to build a church on the island after surviving a shipwreck. What can you see there ?

Mrtvo More – this is a pretty, little, salty lake which is connected with the sea. Due to its small area and depth, it is an ideal place for children to play.

Benedictine abbey – this place was established in 1023. Unfortunately in the XII century it was destroyed by fire. Despite the reconstruction of the complex, hundred years later, the monks finally left the island. According to the legend on the last day they cursed Lokrum and everyone who wants to own it in the future. Since then, it has been called the Cursed Island.

Fort Royal – this old castle was built by the French during Napoleon’s occupation of Croatia in 1806. Later by Austrians it was named Maximilian’s Tower. This place is the perfect location for history lovers. Moreover this is the highest point on Lokrum, so amazing views are guaranteed.

2. Ston

This pretty, little cottage is famous for brilliant sea food and tasty cuisine. What is more, this is where the longest defensive walls in all of Europe are located. About 5.5 km of walls, 40 towers and 5 bastions have survived to this day. Originally, the walls in Ston were 7 kilometers long. However, as a result of a strong earthquake, some of the walls were destroyed. Despite the damage, the walls are still a great attraction among tourists to this day. They even got a nickname “European Chinese Wall”. What is more there ?

Solana Ston Salina – is the oldest saltwater in Europe, and also has the largest saline pools in the Mediterranean. Under the rule of the Dubrovnik Republic, Ston was the most important economic and strategic place in the whole republic. In order to protect the area’s natural resources, impressive, defensive walls were built. Solana Ston consists of 58 pools, where nine of them are named after saints. Visit this amazing place, and get knowledge of how salt crystallizes and how long it takes, and all this takes place in the breathtaking landscape.

3. Mljet Island

It is the eighth largest island in Croatia. What is it famous for ? Firstly, compared to other islands, this one is like a green oasis. It is caused by various vegetation. For this reason, a park was created in the western part of the island. Another famous place worth seeing is the islet of St. Mary with the Benedictine abbey. What are the other advantages of this place? This island is an ideal choice for people who love nature and spending time actively. Moreover, compared to other islands you can relax here from the crowds, because, despite its beauty, the island is not very crowded by tourists. What places do you have to visit there ?

Mljet National Park – in this beautiful natural area, beyond various vegetation you will be able to admire two saltwater lakes – Veliko andMalo Jezero. The first one is a large lake and the second is a little lake. The lakes extend in length almost 4 kilometers. Moreover, in the middle of Large Lake is a small island. There you can admire Benedictine monastery, erected there in the 12th century. Nowadays there are café and restaurants.

In the park you can not only visit and admire the beauty of nature, but also kayaking, sunbathing, swimming and even hiking up the local hills.

Odysseus Cave – this beautiful place every year attracts many people. Pure sparkling water and amazing rock formations are the perfect combination for photography enthusiasts. What is more, the cave can be explored by the sea, swimming or by smaller boat, because the entrance is about 4-5 meters wide. The entire length of the cave is approx 20 meters. In addition to the unusual charm of this place, the legend of Odysseus is associated with the cave. According to the legend Odysseus was imprisoned here by the nymph Calypso. What is interesting is the fact that the island was named after this legend.

4. Lopud Island

This beautiful island belongs to the Elafiti archipelago, which is a group of islands just off the coast of Dubrovnik often called Dubrovnik’s islands. The island is rich in various tourist attractions. Both, lovers of physical activity and those who simply want to take advantage of the beauty of nature and relax on the sandy beach will be satisfied. The best weather to visit this amazing place is in spring and autumn, because during summer seasons it is pretty crowded there. What should you see during your stay?

Lopud Franciscan Monastery – it is the first place that catches the eye after reaching the island. This stunning monastery was established in the 15th century. During a visit in the monastery you will have an opportunity to gain knowledge about the life of the Franciscans in the monastery, their role in society and why this order was one of the most influential and liked among the aristocracy. Moreover, the monastery was used for many purposes like education, healing or defense. To make your trip even more memorable, we encourage you to visit the amazing, secret gardens that the monastery owns. An additional advantage of this place is also the fact that from 2020 the monastery is available for rental as Lopud 1483 hotel.

Sunj Beachthis lovely, sandy beach about one kilometer long every year attracts many tourists. Why ? Because the sea in this place is shallow, which makes an ideal place for recreation for families with children and non-swimmers. There are two restaurants here and for sports enthusiasts a volleyball court or tennis course are prepared.. Moreover, if you want to take some sunbathing you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas. Important thing that you need to know is that the beach is located in the forest, but don’t worry. Special paths are made so you will reach your destination without any problems.

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