Where to stay in Croatia

Croatia is quickly becoming one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe, and for good reason. This country offers plenty of breathtaking views to admire and historical monuments to explore. Everyone os sure to find something they will enjoy in Croatia. But when you’re planning a vacation in this wonderful country, you’ll probably want to find good accommodation first. In this article you will be able to read about some of the best places to stay during your vacation in Croatia.


The city of Dubrovnik is not just an excellent place to book your accommodation, it is also a great destination to visit itself, no matter if you’re a fan of „Game of Thrones”, or just want to admire the beauty of this spectacular city. One of the most incredible experiences you can have here is going to Mount Srd, where you can admire arguably one of the most stunning sunsets in the world.

Some of the best places to stay in Dubrovnik include the Old Town Apartment, which can be booked through Airbnb, Hostel Angelina Southern, which offers a perfect balance between a humble hostel and a luxurious private room, and Hotel Dubrovnik, which offers accommodation and breakfast in one price, and is located 250 feet away from the beach.


Apart from being another gorgeous place to visit in Croatia, Zagreb is also one of the most affordable places when it comes to booking accommodation.

If you want to visit Croatia and don’t have much money, it’s quite easy to find inexpensive grocery stores, where you can buy food and prepare your own meals. This city is full of historical attractions, that can be visited practically for free, and most of the accommodations cost below $30 per night.

Some of the best and most inexpensive places to stay in Zagreb include Apartment Nicola Tesla, named after one of the greatest engineers in history, from where you can easily reach the main square and several shops, Hostel Chic Zagreb, where you can book a comfy 8-person dorm for just $15, and reach the train station in just a few minutes, and the Houzzz21 guest house, which offers large and comfy suites with kitchens and is located only a few minutes away from the city’s best attractions.

Vis Island

The island of Vis is the perfect choice for anyone searching for a peaceful place to stay in Croatia away from the crowds. It might be small, but it is still a good place for those who enjoy hiking and exploring. On top of all that, the island of Vis is one of the very few places, which have maintained their authentic Adriatic ambience.

If you’re looking for a place to stay on the island of Vis, you cna book accommodation in Corner of Joy Seaview, where you’ll be close enough to admire some nice views of the port,

Aoartments and Rooms Vis, which are quitew affordable and are located right next to the Ferry Port, and the Bella Vista Suites, where you caan swim in a pool and easily access the beach and some local restaurants.


The city of Skradin is located in close proximity to the Krka National Park, which makes it an excellent place for anyone who likes admiring the beauty of nature. It takes less than 2 hours to get from Skradin to Mt. Dinara. But you should keep in mind that in the summertime the Krka National Park can be quite crowded.

Some of the best places to stay in Skradin include Vila Marija 1 – a simple and tidy accommodation, which can be booked through Airbnb and is located close to a bar, and 20 minutes away from the Krka National Park, Guest Accommodation Zura, which offers rooms with small kitchens and free wifi, and Guesthouse Miranda Krka NP, which is located just 3 miles away from the centre of Skradin.

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